What We Do


In the wake of the Challenger accident in 1986, the Astronauts Memorial Foundation was founded.


The Astronauts Memorial Foundation honors the past and inspires the future. Our astronauts are national treasures. Each year at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida, AMF recognizes their sacrifice on a Day of Remembrance at the Space Mirror Memorial, a 42-foot high by 50-foot wide polished granite monument that glows with the astronauts' names.  

In addition to paying tribute to our fallen astronauts, AMF also inspires future generations of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians through its Center for Space Education, where students, teachers and mentors experience building rockets, robotic competitions and other hands-on learning activities. They also see and experience America's space program first hand. When children see how to apply what they're learning to something as exciting as space exploration, their minds get fired up and their future gets brighter.

As the birthplace of American human spaceflight, Kennedy Space Center is a major central Florida tourist destination. Its stellar history begins with space pioneers circling the Earth in capsules smaller than a VW Bug to launches of monumental space shuttle expeditions. Astronauts have floated in open space, delivered satellites, conducted laboratory experiments, repaired space telescopes and built a space station. The Space Mirror Memorial is located on the grounds of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

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Our Mission

The Astronauts Memorial Foundation honors and memorializes those astronauts who have sacrificed their lives for the nation and the space program by sponsoring the national Space Mirror Memorial, and by implementing innovative educational technology programs.
The Astronauts Memorial Foundation captures the technology developed in the United States' space program and applies it to the field of education. We partner with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to provide technology training to educators throughout the nation with a particular emphasis on space-related technology. In addition, at The Center for Space Education we offer space-related educational opportunities for individuals, and, in doing so, we improve the quality of the workforce in the space industry.