Hours of Availability

Forty-five minute long student programs can be scheduled Tuesday through Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The NASA Exploration Station is closed during NASA special operations, such as launches, Holidays or Educator Workshops

NOTE: All NASA Educational Student Programs are subject to cancellation or change based-on launch day events, scrubs or other NASA activities/ events. Programs will be rescheduled, whenever possible.

Programs for Classes to Choose From

Explore Aeronautics

Aeronautics and Space Propulsion – An overview of the history of NASA Space Programs and the principles of flight. Newton’s Law’s, principles of rocketry and Space Launch System components.

Explore Humans in Space

NASA and Kennedy Space Center Current Events. The importance of supporting research and technology in space. Living and working in the Space Environment.  Information about the Space Launch System and the International Space Station and time to explore the exploration Station.


Explore Moon, Mars, Solar System and Beyond

Exploration of the Earth, Moon and beyond, exploration of the Solar System, and the benefits of space exploration. Current Events with NASA and Kennedy Space Center

Basic Robotics/Engineering Design Challenges that demonstrate Space flight operations and space communication/technologies.


Explore Technology


Professional Development Programs for Teachers

Become certified to borrow Lunar and Meteorite samples from Johnson Space Center for your classroom right here at Kennedy Space Center. In order to become certified, you must be a certified teacher or an informal educator at a Museum or Planetarium. 

Lunar and Meteorite Certification

Interested in learning more about how to bring space to your classroom? During the SPACE Conference, you can get ideas on how to teach your students more about space and aeronautics by listening to astronaut keynote speakers, doing activities during break out sessions and even receiving lesson plans for your classroom. Throughout the conference, you can learn about space yourself through tours and astronaut training experience opportunities. To learn more about the conference, go to www.kennedyconference.org

SPACE Conference